9 tips to make Facebook fun again

9 tips to make Facebook fun again

Tech December 8, 2015 17:28

- All my social contacts from Facebook, my calls are routed through Facebook and even my work is based mainly on Facebook. Facebook can also be very annoying besides fun, by all kinds of things you did not is waiting. But you can do something about it.

Facebook is known that it will introduce new features at every turn. At one time, the entire chat thrown in the shovel, then you are confronted with flashbacks of things you've posted two years ago and so on. All of this can be great fun, but all in all it starts or to make a decent distraction. So much so, that by the flood of notifications, messages, invitations, etc., Facebook is starting to find more annoying than fun. Then you can of course decide the social network to show the door (which in itself is a very enlightening experience can prove to be), but if you'd like to use Facebook, there are just convenient options to the whole bit more for you hand turn. 01 News aanpassenIk start directly with the biggest irritation. You missed something important because you have to post that one family or one boyfriend / girlfriend did not pass by. You can then mark people than as good friends and this has some effect, but preferably you decide for yourself which of course Posts on Facebook can see it first. Fortunately it can recently. Log into Facebook it and click the blue arrow down (next to the lock icon) and Preferences for news from the menu that pops up. Then you get a list of people you've seen in the last week the most posts. Chances are that the person you wanted to see properly, is not listed there (otherwise you would not get frustrated). Find the person (for example in the People tab), click the arrow beside Next and select Display as a first. Run now, you'll never miss messages from this person. The same you can actually do with pages. Since recently, you decide who you want to see the messages on Facebook the first in your News Feed. 02 Friends' ontvolgen'Je have them undoubtedly, of those friends / relatives that you find great, as long as they do not get behind a keyboard. At each station they post, send shivers down your spine and you're annoyed green and yellow. Oh well, for now a friend or family reason to unfollow... which of course has consequences in real life. Fortunately, there is a middle ground. Open the profile of the friend / family member that you are annoyed and click on the arrow beside Next. By choosing now for [Name] no longer follow, you still remain friends with the person, but you can see his / her posts no longer come by. Incidentally, you can also see here the option First view from one tip, but a list of friends is of course faster. If you find someone annoying, but do not want to unfriend, then you can give him / her always unfollow. 03 Games disable seriously? There is finally an option to all those irritating games on Facebook's neck can turn? Unfortunately, so far, of course, Facebook will not go, but there is certainly an option to ensure that your friends will never bother with requests to play a game (because they need desperate lives in Candy Crush). Previously, it had a separate game (actually per app) but now you can with one click disable all invitations. Here's a little trick needed. Point your browser to http: // m. facebook. com to access the mobile Facebook page, scroll all the way down and click on Settings, Privacy and Apps on the page that appears. Now click Platform and then not below the option you want to receive notifications about invitations for games and apps? After that you'll never get more mention of an invitation. This option is crazy enough to be found only in the mobile version of Facebook. You can finally escape from this eternal gestalk by Facebook gamers. 04 Autoplay videos off watching videos on Facebook can be a super fun, but be very distracting activity. Precisely for this reason it is very irritating that nowadays all videos autoplay. This has probably changed your news in one big circus that constantly makes you do anything except that for which you actually opened your Facebook. For Facebook is not annoying, but I'm glad you also can switch off the function. Click the down arrow next to the lock icon top right and then click Settings. Scroll all the way down and click on the Videos tab. By clicking on the arrow autoplay down beside Standard for videos, you can disable the auto play. There, Facebook also a lot less slow! This is also the menu where you can specify that you want to view all videos in HD or not. Easily distracted by self-playing videos? You can put that off. 05 Posts tune with List This feature has been around a little longer, but is still used by too many people. If you do not want your boss to see you this weekend have become quite drunk at a festival, you should not accept him as a Facebook friend, right? Well, it's more efficient, but you can bypass it quite easily. In the left pane of Facebook you can see almost all the way down to the Friends option. When you move your mouse pointer over it, an option appears more. Then click. You will see a number of lists that you already have (which are simply groups of Facebook friends). You can create a list, click Create List, give it a name, and add members to it. For example, add your employer and all your colleagues to a list that mentions your work. Now when you post a new post on Facebook, you can click on the dropdown menu in the Places button and then select Custom. You can then specify that everyone can see the post, except for the person (or in this case the list) you select. Likewise you can also specify that the post properly indeed should only be displayed to that group. Using lists you decide exactly who can see what on Facebook. 06 Chat Settings Facebook Chat, even if such a useful feature... but if you're on Facebook the day you are open, you can be to distraction by all those people who spontaneously against you begin to talk about. No problem, it is so fixed. At the bottom right (bottom right bar contacts) you'll find an icon with a gear. Click on it and then select Advanced Settings. Now you can specify whether you want to disable chat (nice and quiet), or to turn only to certain people (or anyone but some people). So you can maintain the functionality without having the feeling that you are constantly harassed. Otherwise walk your posts wrong, they are placed in "Messages", you get no instant notification only. Chats can distract you properly. Fortunately, you can disable this feature. 07 Save for laterDe chances are pretty high that you have more friends (sorry, friends) have on Facebook than you can fit in your News Feed. Even if you have completed the first step, it is impossible to keep track of everything, especially behind when it comes to links in messages. Would not it be nice if you could store those messages so that you can visit these links later? Indeed, and that is also why that function is simply to Facebook. When you see a message with a link that you want to save, click on the gray arrow down in the message and then click Save Link. If you now click in the left pane under the heading Saved Favorites, you'll find all these links (and messages) back. Incidentally, this also works great for messages with videos you want to watch later. Too busy to visit a link or view a video? Save it for later. 08 messages uitschakelenDan course, there are the countless messages that you receive on Facebook. I'm not talking about the standard messages (which you can directly off via Settings & gt; messages), but the deluge of messages that you get when you have, for example someone congratulations on the birth of a child. Anyone who then responds to the message, generates a notification and that can be so annoying that you'd prefer not react to such messages. But you can also avoid the irritation. Open the message which you have responded, and click the gray downward arrow that you can find the top right of the message. In the menu that pops up, click Disable notifications and you'll get no mention on this post. You respond to a message, does not mean that you want to receive next thousand messages. 09 Still more control these tips will help you on Facebook so put your hand into it a lot more fun all over again. In addition, you are of course limits to the opportunities that Facebook offers. Do you want to go even further, consider a browser extension like FB Purity. This extension (made by others, not by Facebook itself) causes some 'nasty' content on Facebook, such as ads, sponsored posts, app invitations, etc., are completely filtered out. Also, you can for example prevent people being tagged automatically when you type. It is a very powerful extension that enables you to take the functionality of Facebook really is fully customizable. And do not worry, you will not change Facebook, you only changes how the browser shows you. = " http: & gt; Is it your all not enough, use a browser extension like FB Purity. This article is brought to you by Total Computer. nl

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