• US weapons arrived in Ukraine

    US weapons arrived in Ukraine

    kiev May 1, 2018 13:00 Hot Recent News

    The United States has delivered antitank weapons to the Ukraine. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko wrote on Facebook that it is Javelin anti-tank missiles. 'I can confirm that the long-awaited weapon has arrived at the Ukrainian army', said the president, who thanked his American colleague Donald Trump.

  • Merkel and Putin talk about deploying blue helmets

    Merkel and Putin talk about deploying blue helmets

    berlin/moscow April 9, 2018 17:54 Hot Recent News

    Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the possible deployment of blue helmets in Eastern Ukraine. Both were agreed, according to the German government spokesman Steffen Seibert, that the Minsk agreement must be promptly and completely transformed into action to put an end to the conflict in the area.

  • Ukraine arrests 'heroine' Savchenko

    Ukraine arrests 'heroine' Savchenko

    kiev March 22, 2018 13:33 Hot Recent News

    The Ukrainian authorities have arrested parliamentarian and former Air Force pilots Nadja Savchenko. Prosecutors accuse her of plotting an attack on parliament. That decided Thursday to withdraw the immunity of Savchenko, after which she was arrested.

  • Ukrainian pilot 'estimated parliamentary attack'

    Ukrainian pilot 'estimated parliamentary attack'

    kiev March 15, 2018 15:48 Hot Recent News

    A Ukrainian air force pilot and MP was indicted on Thursday. Nadja Savchenko has planned a terrorist attack on the parliament of Ukraine, says justice in Kiev. She would like to throw hand grenades at the government box in the conference room. Then she would have wanted to shoot survivors.

  • Gazprom starts new procedure in gas quarrel

    Gazprom starts new procedure in gas quarrel

    moscow/kiev March 3, 2018 19:24 Hot Recent News

    The Russian gas company Gazprom has begun breaking the contracts with the Ukrainian state energy company Naftogaz. Gazprom has stepped to an arbitration court in Stockholm before that, says the deputy chief of Gazprom, Aleksander Medvedev.

  • Ukrainian police clear tent camp

    Ukrainian police clear tent camp

    kiev March 3, 2018 10:09 Hot Recent News

    The police evicted a tent camp of opponents of the government on Saturday in front of the parliament building in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Approximately one hundred protesters were arrested or had to show their identity papers, local media reported.

  • Saakashvili 'kidnapped' in Kiev

    Saakashvili 'kidnapped' in Kiev

    kiev February 12, 2018 13:48 Hot Recent News

    Former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili was taken into the Ukrainian capital Kiev by unknown 'kidnappers'. That reports the official Facebook page of the current Ukrainian opposition leader.

  • Ukraine enforces alimony with 'wall of shame' list

    Ukraine enforces alimony with 'wall of shame' list

    kiev February 6, 2018 12:45 Hot Recent News

    Ukraine has launched an online register containing 75,000 names of fathers who do not pay the maintenance. With the 'wall of shame' the country wants to enforce that they still pay. Those on the list may not travel abroad unless they pay for six months. In case of an entry on the list, the police may confiscate the vehicle of the person in question.

  • Opponents president on the street in Kiev

    Opponents president on the street in Kiev

    kiev February 5, 2018 06:18 Hot Recent News

    In the Ukrainian capital Kiev, thousands of people have taken to the streets on Sunday to demand the resignation of President Petro Poroshenko. According to Ukrainian media, the leader of the protests is the Georgian former president Mikhail Saakashvili. National demonstrations have been announced before 18 February.

  • Last survivor Sobibor died

    Last survivor Sobibor died

    berlin January 29, 2018 22:18 Hot Recent News

    Arkadi Waispapir, known as the last survivor of the prison revolt in the Nazi death camp Sobibor, has died in Ukraine. The Holocaust Memorial Foundation in Berlin said Monday that Waispapir died in Kiev on 11 January. He was 96 years old.

  • Parliament Ukraine agrees to 'war law'

    Parliament Ukraine agrees to 'war law'

    kiev January 18, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    On Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament passed a controversial law that officially declares rebellious Eastern Ukrainian territories and Crimea to Russian territory. People who cooperate with the occupiers are threatened with prosecution. The law affects fundamental rights and resembles the establishment of a kind of war law, while giving special powers to the petitioner, President Petro Poroshenko.

  • Topless activist Donald Trump in Kiev

    kiev January 5, 2018 18:54 Hot Recent News

    A topless activist from the feminist women's movement FEMEN has defied the cold winter in Ukraine to embarrass US President Donald Trump. The woman was sitting- pee naked- at the American embassy in Kiev.

  • Family has been living at Thai airport for months

    bangkok December 29, 2017 10:03 Hot Recent News

    A Zimbabwean family has been camping for months at a Bangkok airport. The travelers refuse to return to their homeland, but also do not enter Europe. The Thai immigration service informed the BBC that airport staff has taken care of the family.

  • Chess champion refuses World Cup in Saudi Arabia

    kiev December 27, 2017 22:18 Hot Recent News

    The Ukrainian chess champion Anna Muzychuk refuses to defend her two world titles, because the World Cup takes place in Saudi Arabia. She would be obliged to wear a robe, and escort outside. 'I do not want to feel like a second-rate being.'

  • Ukraine and separatists exchange prisoners

    kiev December 27, 2017 16:36 Hot Recent News

    In the crisis area in eastern Ukraine, a start was made on the exchange of prisoners on Wednesday. The Kyiv government and the pro-Russian separatists had agreed, according to Patriarch Kirill of Orthodox Church Christmas Day. The border crossing Majorsk was according to the media the scene of the exchange.

  • 'Ukraine and rebels exchange prisoners'

    moscow December 25, 2017 13:39 Hot Recent News

    The Ukrainian government and separatist insurgents have agreed to exchange prisoners on Wednesday. Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church announced this after conversations with the leaders of the so-called People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

  • OM: we probably deliver Saakashvili

    kiev December 15, 2017 17:18 Hot Recent News

    The Ukrainian authorities are likely to decide to hand over Georgian former president Mikhail Saakashvili to his former homeland. 'There is an official request from the country. We do not have the right to refuse ', Prosecutor General Yuri Loetsenko told journalists.

  • Judge releases Saakashvili

    kiev December 11, 2017 20:27 Hot Recent News

    Michail Saakashvili is provisionally free again. A female judge in Kiev rejected the request of the prosecutor to put the former president of Georgia under house arrest during the investigation. The motivation for her decision must still come according to the Ukrainian media.

  • Supporters Saakashvili back on the streets

    kiev December 10, 2017 16:54 Hot Recent News

    Thousands of people have demonstrated in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, against the detention of former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili. 'Many people want change. That is more difficult to realize if Michail is not among us ', said his Dutch wife, Sandra Roelofs, in a speech.

  • Former president Georgia is hiding from authorities

    kiev December 6, 2017 10:06 Hot Recent News

    The Ukrainian authorities are still looking for Georgian former president Mikhail Saakashvili, who escaped from a police van on Tuesday. Dozens of agents attacked a camp a day later with demonstrators inside parliament, but apparently did not meet the politician they were looking for. Saakashvili later said that they had searched the wrong tent.

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