• Bonbons and music for lovers NATO leaders

    Bonbons and music for lovers NATO leaders

    waterloo July 11, 2018 14:03 Hot Recent News

    For the 29 NATO leaders, the subjects at their two-day summit in Brussels are heavy costs, but their partners are treated to bonbons, hats and a concert. For the ladies Trump and Macron, the husband of the Luxembourger Xavier Bettel and all the other partners, a separate program has been put together with the wife of NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg and the girlfriend of the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel as hostesses.

  • Hat Napoleon auctioned in Lyon

    Hat Napoleon auctioned in Lyon

    lyon June 18, 2018 12:09 Hot Recent News

    A hat that the French emperor Napoleon left behind on the battlefield of Waterloo will be auctioned in Lyon on Monday. The so-called stitch was taken away by the Dutch Baron Arnout Jacques Van Zuijlen Van Nijevelt after the defeat of Napoleon in Waterloo.

  • Ricine is awkward terror weapon

    Ricine is awkward terror weapon

    amsterdam May 18, 2018 12:33 Hot Recent News

    Two Egyptian brothers who were arrested in France for a terrorist plan wanted to use explosives and possibly the poison ricin. That means is not very effective to sow death and destruction, experts say. Perhaps the terrorists had themselves brought to an idea by Netflix.

  • 'Puigdemont reported gps under car'

    'Puigdemont reported gps under car'

    brussels March 29, 2018 10:51 Hot Recent News

    The former and now arrested Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont would have discovered a tracker in Belgium two weeks ago under his car. According to several media, the lawyers at Puigdemont reported to the police in his home town of Waterloo, near Brussels, the discovery of the GPS channel and filed a complaint for violation of privacy.

  • Thousands commute the beach to London

    Thousands commute the beach to London

    london July 24, 2017 08:24 Hot Recent News

    Tens of thousands of commuters are stranded on their way to work in central London on Monday morning. The busiest railway station of the British capital, London Waterloo, was unavailable due to a technical malfunction.

  • Qualcomm pays millions to Blackberry

    Qualcomm pays millions to Blackberry

    waterloo May 29, 2017 08:09 Hot Recent News

    Blackberry gets $ 940 million from chip manufacturer Qualcomm. That amount, about 841 million euros, gets the mobile phone maker because it has paid too much for licenses on Qualcomm's patents for years. It was already clear that Qualcomm had to pay, but a precise amount was not known yet.

  • BlackBerry adds purchases together

    BlackBerry adds purchases together

    waterloo December 9, 2016 09:06 Hot Recent News

    BlackBerry, which has bought a lot of businesses in recent years, adding those purchases together now. BlackBerry does not smartphones, but wants to earn his money as security of the Internet of Things.

  • BlackBerry brings apps to Android

    BlackBerry brings apps to Android

    waterloo August 4, 2016 07:51 Hot Recent News

    BlackBerry makes its software available to users of other devices. The Canadian smartphone maker yourself first stepped already on Android and now makes his Hub +-productiviteitsapps available for all Android smartphones that have Android Marshmallow operating system.

  • Images of new BlackBerry leaked

    Images of new BlackBerry leaked

    waterloo July 27, 2016 08:42 Hot Recent News

    BlackBerry on Tuesday briefly shown a few pictures of a new smartphone on its website. The images were quickly removed, fan community CrackBerry reports. Also, the device's specifications were recently published online. It is not known whether the information was published accidentally or deliberately.

  • Blackberry stops Classic model

    Blackberry stops Classic model

    waterloo July 6, 2016 10:57 Hot Recent News

    BlackBerry has the classic model of the market. That phone was launched in late 2014. It had to make BlackBerry hip and happening. The Canadian company wanted to lure people who saw nothing in touchscreens and again longed for a physical keyboard, but that's not really succeeded.

  • Dozens of tips on package Pegida-rally

    Dozens of tips on package Pegida-rally

    amsterdam February 17, 2016 11:07 Hot Recent News

    After a broadcast of Investigation Requested Tuesday, the police received dozens of tips in the case involving a suspicious package at a Pegida-demonstration on February 6 at the Stopera in Amsterdam. The package looked like to be a heavy explosive, but ultimately was no bomb.

  • Alarm in central London

    Alarm in central London

    london November 21, 2015 18:00 Hot Recent News

    Two major streets in central London are closed Saturday afternoon during an incident which according to the police is still ongoing. Both Blackfrairs Road and Westminster Bridge Road, near Waterloo Station south of the Thames, are closed.

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