• Canteen below par

    Canteen below par

    rome December 17, 2018 07:48 Hot Recent News

    You would not expect it from a country like Italy, where the hot lunches usually taste good, but the Italian school canteens have food of terrible quality. This states at least...

  • Induced discodrama Italy caught

    Induced discodrama Italy caught

    rome December 9, 2018 19:48 Hot Recent News

    The Italian police arrested the perpetrator of the disco drama in Corinaldo, in which six people were killed on Friday night. It is a minor boy. According to witnesses, he was spraying pepperspray in the crowded discotheque when he tried to steal a chain. In the ensuing panic, five young people and a mother were killed.

  • \u0026 # x27; Eurogroup stands behind Italy's approach \u0026 # x27;

    \u0026 # x27; Eurogroup stands behind Italy's approach \u0026 # x27;

    brussels (anp) December 3, 2018 18:48 Hot Recent News

    The euro area finance ministers (Eurogroup) support the European Commission in its approach to Italy. This is stated in a statement that the Eurogroup will release on Monday, insiders say. Ministers call on the Italian government to take the necessary steps to bring its draft budget for 2019 in line with the European rules, otherwise a criminal procedure is justified.

  • Italians finally get a bottom sail

    Italians finally get a bottom sail

    rome November 26, 2018 18:16 Hot Recent News

    The Italian government is finally giving concrete signals that it adheres to the Brussels requirement for further reduction of the Italian budget deficit. The usually eagerly provocative deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, also Minister of the Interior and Lega leader, announced for the first time that this requirement is negotiable.

  • Designer ANWB-signs Gerard Unger died
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    Designer ANWB-signs Gerard Unger died

    bussum November 23, 2018 17:00 Hot Recent News

    In his hometown of Bussum, the typographer Gerard Unger died on Friday. His brother-in-law reported this to the ANP. Unger is best known for its design of the blue ANWB signage signs along and above the roads. Also the signposts in the Amsterdam metro and the tourist signposts in Rome are out of his hand.

  • Italy seizes the migrant ship Aquarius

    Italy seizes the migrant ship Aquarius

    rome November 20, 2018 10:32 Hot Recent News

    Italy has ordered the seizure of the migrant ship Aquarius. The Italian authorities decided to do so because mistakes would have been made when removing waste from the Aquarius. MSF confirmed this after reports in Italian media.

  • Sensual fresco found in Pompeii

    Sensual fresco found in Pompeii

    rome November 19, 2018 17:48 Hot Recent News

    Archaeologists have uncovered a fresco in the ancient city of Pompeii near Naples with the supreme god Zeus, who in the guise of a swan is making love with Princess Leda. The excavation site revealed the discovery of this 'scene full of sensuality' on Monday. The fresco was found in the bedroom of a house on Via del Vesuvio.

  • Catholic church Spain admits abuse

    Catholic church Spain admits abuse

    madrid November 19, 2018 15:16 Hot Recent News

    The Catholic Church in Spain has publicly admitted that priests and other clergy were sexually abusing minors. 'The Church publicly recognizes abuses of different kinds and is determined to eradicate them,' said Ricardo Blázquez, President of the Spanish Bishops' Conference, at the opening of the 112th plenary session of bishops in Madrid.

  • Migrants drowned near Sardinia

    Migrants drowned near Sardinia

    rome November 17, 2018 13:16 Hot Recent News

    Because of an accident with a refugee boat off the coast of Sardinia, at least two people drowned and eight others are missing. This was reported by the Italian Coast Guard on Saturday.

  • Italy runs billions of church

    Italy runs billions of church

    rome November 8, 2018 19:00 Hot Recent News

    Thanks to a verdict from the European Court of Justice, Italy could receive a billions of euros from the Vatican. But Italy probably does not want to go into it, despite the fact that Italy needs much money.

  • Italians died unnecessarily

    Italians died unnecessarily

    rome November 5, 2018 18:32 Hot Recent News

    Although Italy is still so plagued by natural disasters, there are also many human errors that caused so many deaths: 32 in the last week alone. Many victims could have been avoided if everyone had complied with the law. For example, there is massive illegal housing construction, especially in the south of the country. The consequences of this are sometimes dramatic.

  • 'Attorney Pakistani Christian in the Netherlands'

    'Attorney Pakistani Christian in the Netherlands'

    November 4, 2018 16:16 Hot Recent News

    Saiful Malook, the Pakistani lawyer of Asia Bibi, the Christian whose life in Pakistan is at risk because she would have insulted the Prophet Mohammed, would have arrived in the Netherlands this weekend. Italian media reports this weekend that Malook would have traveled through Rome to the Netherlands.

  • After missing Emanuela in Vatican, we got funny phone calls...

    After missing Emanuela in Vatican, we got funny phone calls...

    rome October 31, 2018 12:32 Hot Recent News

    The accidental, sinister discovery of human bones beneath the floor of the Vatican embassy in Rome provides possible after 35 years of clarification about the mysterious disappearance of two Italian girls in 1983. The Vatican news agency came forward with the discovery of the find. Research is now being done on the bones in order to learn more about the identity of the deceased person. Who knows, maybe it's about Emanuela Orlandi. The girl was 15 years old when she went to music school in 1983 and then disappeared without a trace.

  • Kill by storm in Italy

    Kill by storm in Italy

    rome October 29, 2018 21:00 Hot Recent News

    The severe weather that plagues Italy has killed five people on Monday. That happened at various places in the country. Two young people died south of Rome because a tree fell on their car. The same happened to someone in nearby Terracina and a walker in Naples. A woman was mortally wounded by flying debris.

  • Romans protest against decay

    Romans protest against decay

    rome October 27, 2018 13:00 Hot Recent News

    Mountains of waste, potholes, chaos in public transport: the Romans are fed up and on Saturday thousands of people have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the decline of the city. Under the motto Roma dice basta (Rome says enough) they went to the city hall on the Piazza del Campidoglio where the mayor of Virginia Raggi sits.

  • Plan B Salvini: spend even more

    Plan B Salvini: spend even more

    rome October 25, 2018 23:16 Hot Recent News

    Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said on Thursday that if necessary the government will take 'countermeasures' to prevent the economy from being damaged by a rise in interest rates on government bonds. He did not go into the details.

  • Buy votes? 30 euros

    Buy votes? 30 euros

    rome October 25, 2018 06:00 Hot Recent News

    If there are no delayed lawsuits, the Italian cinema will be treated to a special documentary next month, which could embarrass many politicians.

  • Pope warns youth for populism

    Pope warns youth for populism

    rome October 24, 2018 01:32 Hot Recent News

    Pope Francis has warned the youth of the world about populism and xenophobia. In this connection he recalled the rise of National Socialism about Adolf Hitler. Young people should take note of the history of the 20th century, including both World Wars 'so they do not make the same mistakes and understand how populism expands,' said the leader of the Roman Catholic Church Tuesday.

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