Zimbabweans celebrate Mugabe's forthcoming departure

World November 18, 2017 08:51

harare - Thousands of Zimbabweans have taken to the streets on Saturday to celebrate the expected resignation of President Robert Mugabe (93). The crowd drew singing and dancing through the streets of the capital Harare. Some waved the flag of Zimbabwe.

According to eyewitnesses, slogans were scanned. 'Go away, go away our general. 'There were also protest signs with the text' No to the Mugabe dynasty. '

The army expressed its support for the mass demonstration against Mugabe, on condition that it proceeds without violence. Soldiers took over control of state television this week and placed the president under house arrest.

Army and party have increased the pressure on Mugabe on Friday to end the presidency of Zimbabwe after 37 years. The president would be too old and no longer able to rule according to his party and the army, but he refuses to resign for the time being.

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