YouTube stops paying channels

YouTube stops paying channels

Tech September 20, 2017 09:54

mountain view - YouTube disconnects its payment channels. Video service users would not be interested at all, let mother company know Google. On the other hand, the opportunities to sponsor channels and videos are expanded.

YouTube joined the payment channels in 2013. This meant that Google wanted to see if there was an interest in special channels with content for viewers to pay. It was one of the ways for YouTube to earn the service. Some companies made for content.

It soon became apparent that the animos of the viewers were almost nil. Only 1 percent of users paid for the channels. In addition, YouTube also found other ways for paid content. The Red subscription was reasonably picked up by the users. And also sponsorship of content proved successful.

Users can support content creators with gifts in the new system. It is a monthly contribution. It gives the creators the opportunity to earn on their channel. The new way of sponsoring is first available from the channels on YouTube Gaming.

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