YouTube now supports HDR

YouTube now supports HDR

Tech November 8, 2016 08:27

- YouTube supports from Monday, High Dynamic Range (HDR), perhaps the most significant improvement since video platform to support 4K video. In practice, the HDR to ensure that video should's get a much better color reproduction.

HDR we also know in photography. It ensures that there is a broader range of colors available. Therefore be better represented both the darkest and lightest colors. Especially difficult to compress parts of a video as moving objects and shadows look with HDR often a lot better.

Many hardware support for HDR is not there yet, but that will probably change soon. The first devices that will take advantage of HDR his Chromecast Ultra Google itself and the new 4K TVs from Samsung. Incidentally HDR would also older screens need to ensure that all videos just anything be more beautiful.

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