Youth refuses to make smartphone 'boefproof'

Youth refuses to make smartphone 'boefproof'

Tech September 12, 2017 17:33

the hague - Almost eight in ten young people aged 16-25 have their smartphone so poorly protected that malicious people can easily exploit it.

One in five young people have their smartphone protected in such a way that they are unusable for theft. According to research from the Ministry of Security and Justice, most young people find it important that their files do not just lay out on the streets. They find it more important than the value of their phone.

Yet they do not go there. Minister Stef Blok van Veiligheid en Justitie and parties from the telecom and ICT sector call together to make Boefproof mobile devices.

'Many phones, but also laptops and tablets, are still not well protected. For us reason to keep repeating: make your mobile equipment Boefproof. Only then can we reduce theft, 'says Block. The website makes it easy for you. nl / boefproof / For each type of phone, there are some tips for smartphone owners.

The number of stolen smartphones has declined for the third consecutive year, from over 69. 500 in 2013 to approximately 43.700 in 2016.

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