'Wrong treaties frustrate sustainable trade'

'Wrong treaties frustrate sustainable trade'

World October 10, 2016 09:36

amsterdam - A number of civil society organizations has beaten join forces to raise awareness for sustainable and fair trade. Include Friends of the Earth, the FNV, food watchdog foodwatch and the Consumers call on people to come in defense against what they call bad trade agreements.

Those treaties would affect the interests of people, animals and the environment and ensure that multinational corporations call the shots and not governments and parliaments. The organizations fear the consequences for the environment and food safety.

'Wrong trade agreements as TTIP and CETA give privileges to the oil and gas industry. This makes it difficult and costly for example, to turn off the gas in Groningen, 'says director Donald Pols of Friends Monday. Catelene Passchier, vice chairman of the FNV, warns: 'If these agreements are signed, the chances are that multinationals life here will soon be the standard, even in our care and our education. Labor and real jobs are at the child's account. '

TTIP, a free trade agreement that Europe and the United States negotiate, and similar CETA treaty between the EU and Canada have yet to be signed.

On Saturday, October 22 organizations hold a demonstration tour through Amsterdam and a manifestation on the Museumplein. In other cities including Brussels, Berlin, Washington and Ottawa were similar protests.

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