Worst French bus accident in 35 years: track trees open or closed?

World December 17, 2017 07:39

perpignan - The controversy about the cause of the collision between a school bus and a train in France persists. According to the driver of the bus the trees were open, according to other eyewitnesses the trees were closed.

Research on the spot by the French Public Prosecution Service can not yet provide any clarity. Prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux from Marseille, who has done research on site, says in the French newspaper Le Monde that the boom lift mechanism was in a closed position after the accident.

'Research has to show whether this was the case during the crash or whether this is the result of the collision', said Tarabeux at a press conference.

Five teenagers were killed in the accident on Thursday. The bus driver and another eighteen teenagers were injured, six of them would still be in bad shape. It was the worst bus accident in France in 35 years.

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