'Wonderkind' Facebook is switching to Google

'Wonderkind' Facebook is switching to Google

Tech August 29, 2017 10:42

mountain view - A striking transfer in Silicon Valley. 21-year-old wonder boy Michael Sayman exchanges Facebook's burdens for those of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Sayman will focus on the development of the Digital Personal Assistant Assistant.

Google Assistant, the successor to Google Now, is one of Google's top projects CEO Sundar Pichai, knows Bloomberg Financial Press Office. The competition in the world of digital personal assistants is big. Especially because the consumer can choose. Amazon and Apple have fought competitors with Alexa and Siri, respectively. Certainly now the aids can also be linked to a whole range of third party products and services.

Sayman was once the youngest Facebook employee. At the age of thirteen, the wonder child had already come across because he was using Facebook's developer tools to make apps for his iPhone. At the age of seventeen he joined Facebook as a trainee, a year later, he joined a team trying to unravel the smartphone behavior of young people.

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