wonderful weekend

wonderful weekend

World October 30, 2015 09:45

amsterdam - There we are heading for a nice almost summer weekend. With plenty of sunshine and no rain to walk the afternoon temperatures tomorrow and on Sunday to values ​​between 15 and 20 degrees.

Especially Saturday the local summers can be hot in a sultry southeastern flow. A powerful high-pressure blockage causes no interference for the time being we get finished on us. It is well into the next week dry. However, taking early November the chance of fog continued into the night and early morning increasing. Later solve fog and low clouds typically fast and it is sunny. Today there is in the north more clouds there where the sun later through punctured. It becomes 12 degrees there.

Elsewhere, the temperatures up to 16 degrees. Tomorrow will be dry and sunny with 16 to 20 degrees locally. In the course of the new week or the temperatures go down, moreover, further to come out at the next weekend in the vicinity of 10 to 13 degrees.

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