'Women are more likely to have an orgasm when they blow their noses'

'Women are more likely to have an orgasm when they blow their noses'

World May 14, 2018 09:27

- A scientific study at a German university has yielded remarkable results. This shows that there is a big connection between sense of smell and sexual pleasure. According to experts, women would even be more likely to get an orgasm if they would blow their noses before they went to bed with someone.

Researchers at the University of Dresden asked seventy young adults to give their sex life and their sense of smell points. This research showed that there is a clear connection between the two. For example, only one in seven women with a bad olfactory sensation was able to cum during sex. In women with a strong sense of smell, that was no less than six in seven.

'A high susceptibility to odors is associated with more sexual pleasure,' says researcher Johanna Bendas. 'Moreover, people with a good sense of smell more often get an orgasm. '

Nose blowing

Psychotherapist Philip Hodson added another observation. According to him, a stuffy nose can impede the chances of orgasm, especially in women. The female sex would be more sensitive to body odors and hormones that trigger excitement.

That is why he advises women to blow their noses for sex. 'The results of the research show that a cold and a stuffy nose make it more difficult to get excited,' he says. 'I know from my own practice for sexual therapy that you can indeed improve the sexual response in healthy men and women by making them consciously smell their partners. '

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