Woman robbing baby from belly of pregnant teenager

World December 6, 2017 20:33

uberlandia - A pregnant teenager (18) was murdered in Brazil by a 'jealous' woman who robbed the baby from the girl's belly, pretending to be her own child. The murderer had previously had a miscarriage.

Gabrielle Barcelos Silva was 8 months pregnant when she was lured to the home of the 38-year-old woman. The later murderess would have 'baby clothes' ready. That turned out to be an excuse: in reality the victim got coffee with narcotic drugs, and then was killed.

Moments later, the murderer called an ambulance. 'I gave birth on the street,' she screamed. Meanwhile she had taken the child out of the mother's belly, and had run out. The ambulance staff took her to the hospital- not presuming she did not like it at all.

In the hospital doctors were suspicious. They called the police and then the case came rolling. Meanwhile, the 14-year-old son of the murderer found the student at home in a pool of blood.

Wednesday it appears that the murderer has confessed to the police that she had a miscarriage. Then she got the student, who lived nearby, on the eye. She also looked up on google how a caesarean should be performed.

The victim's family is inconsolable. She posted a picture on Facebook a day before her death, proudly showing her belly: 'I am the happiest woman in the world. '

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