Woman has to amputate toes after visit to Fish spa

Woman has to amputate toes after visit to Fish spa

World September 13, 2018 15:00

- If you just want to relax during a visit to the fish spa, it does not get that relaxed. An Australian woman had to have her toes amputated after a treatment in Thailand.

The woman ran a carnivorous bacterium after she had sat with her feet in the spa. Property Manager Victoria Curthoys (29) from Perth had previously had her big toe amputated after she had stepped into glass, The Sun reports.

Four years later she decided to visit a popular Fish spa during her holiday in Thailand. The nibbling fish made sure she sustained a hefty infection. The bacterium was spread through the water through an insect. 'The Fish spa looked very clean, afterwards it turned out that I was wrong,' Victoria says.

Initially, the doctors were unable to diagnose at home on the basis of her complaints. After more than a year it became clear that Curthoys was suffering from an aggressive infection. Because of this, doctors were forced to amputate the rest of her toes.

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