Woman and child (13) stuck after wild pursuit

World December 25, 2017 10:09

hoogstraten - The police in the vicinity of Hoogstraten after a wild pursuit aimed at the tires of car of a young British woman who had been run into them. The woman, who was in the car with two children aged two and thirteen, went off on Sunday when the police wanted to arrest her because she made a nervous impression.

A moment later it came to a slight collision between the police and the woman. Further on, the car missed a turn and ended up in the enclosure of a house. The driver then deliberately drove on the agents who opened fire on the tires of the car. The woman managed to escape, but drove a little further into the sand.

The driver turned out to be a British of twenty. Nobody was injured. The woman and the oldest child were arrested. After investigation, it appeared that the driver had no driver's license and that the car was uninsured. The trio would have stayed in the neighborhood to spend the holidays.

The British is charged with attempted manslaughter. The teenager was only taken to the office to make a statement, she was not charged with anything, the police said on Monday.

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