Winning souls through Pokémongekte

Winning souls through Pokémongekte

Tech August 18, 2016 09:30

- The hype surrounding the game Pokemon Go Kijkduin is also gripped by the gospel church Door to the Old Haagweg to win souls.

Since today sounds evenings loud singing from the marquee on the Deltaplein, while hundreds of people staring hunt their screen on Pokémon. Many frown as one of the speakers Door chants that there is only one way to God, Jesus Christ. 'Just go away, you fool,' cries one of the Pokémonjagers. 'Bunch of idiots,' says another. 'I'm not waiting for you. '

According to Laura Hoeksema of the door are the comments on the first evening thunderstorms. She is convinced that the Pokémonjagers are lonely people. 'They are people with a void, otherwise you do not go with your smartphone looking dolls,' Hoeksema asks amazed off. 'Look at all those people here, it's almost sad. '
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Two weeks ago the idea arose evangelical live entertainment at the beach. 'Recently we have been on a Bible convention in Zwolle. With my husband I visited later in the evening the beach in Kijkduin. We saw this crowd and thought: we must help them, 'explains Hoeksema. In the tent trying to lead some 25 members of The Door men to 'the right way to God. '

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