Wildpoeper takes the legs

Wildpoeper takes the legs

World September 20, 2017 18:24

colorado springs - 'We call her the crazy poeper,' laughs Cathy Budde, as she actually becomes the horendol of the female runner who repeatedly taps into her garden. She is trying to find her poetry schedule.

Her children were crying and crying to her on a day in August. They pointed to the garden. Budde went looking and saw a woman sitting. 'I said, seriously, are you poaching here?', Said the American Budde, who was surprised by the lazy response she received. 'Oh, yes,' said the wild pointer without shame.

It seemed an incident. Prima, thought Budde. But since then the game pointer comes back every week. Strange, because there's just a toilet in the neighborhood. 'She always brings napkins,' says the resident against KKTV TV station.

Meanwhile, the whole village is rowing. Plates are placed, but the woman appears to be in trouble. 'It's just dirty,' says an old man in a bus box.

Budde tries to figure out the woman's schedule, but the mysterious runner is always unexpected. The police can not help. 'This is abnormal, it's something I have not seen before in my career,' says an agent against the TV channel. 'This is untouched terrain for me. '

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