Wildfires devastate Australian homes

Wildfires devastate Australian homes

World December 26, 2015 08:56

- More than a hundred houses in southern Australia destroyed by wildfires. On Friday were certainly 103 houses in flames and had to be evacuated hundreds of people in the southern state of Victoria because of the blaze. To our knowledge no one was injured.

Along the famous Great Ocean Road raging fire. Towns like Wye River and Separation Creek, popular with tourists, were partly destroyed according to Australian media. Wye River is especially hard hit by the blaze: 85 of certain premises is little left. Because evacuation was too risky, people had to stay indoors as long as it could. Around 1600 people had the town of Lorne Friday or abandoned because the wind was threatening to turn. Then the fire would threaten the town.

Authorities in the state believe everyone can be proud of that no one was killed in the fires there. This was a difficult fire, but because everyone responded well and stuck to the plan, no one is hurt. We may be proud of , said the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.

Hundreds of firefighters fight the fire when it approached the small towns and partly to ashes. It is still unclear how much damage is out of place and whether there are houses destroyed. Over the next day or two days, we are still working to see how bad it is exactly , said Commissioner Craig Lapsley. People who lost everything are able to turn to the government for an initial fee of 1300 Australian dollars to get through the days. The loss probably amounts to about 25 million Australian dollars, converted approximately 16.6 million euros.

Meanwhile, the fire is largely contained and able residents, surfers and other tourists return to the idyllic coastal villages.

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