Wife savory for 'do-it-yourself' avocado sandwich of 11 euros

Wife savory for 'do-it-yourself' avocado sandwich of 11 euros

World September 17, 2018 23:00

melbourne - It will not be easy for restaurants to come with an original menu. So it is sometimes a matter of taking risks to offer something unique. But then you also have to deal with negative reactions...

That happened to a restaurant in Melbourne, after a journalist reacted quite disappointed to her avocado sandwich. Two slices of toasted bread, half an avocado, a small piece of feta and a piece of lime: Jess McGuire was served on a hip plate to her surprise. Apparently she had to put her breakfast together herself.

That she had to pay eighteen dollars (or 11 euros) for that, made her wild. Evil posted a picture of the sandwich on Instagram and Twitter. 'So this happened five hours ago and I'm still furious,' she wrote. Jess was then overloaded with reactions, likes and retweets.

The restaurant itself is not aware of any harm. According to the Kettle Black Café, the roll with avocado and cheese has been very popular for years. 'You can prepare it yourself and design your breakfast in your own way. We serve some lime and you can add whatever you like! '

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