White House: North Korea behind cyber attack

World December 19, 2017 06:21

washington - The government of President Trump openly accuses North Korea of ​​the country behind the cyber attack with the hostage software Wannacry in May this year. Tom Bossert, President Trump's security advisor, says in the Wall Street Journal that 'North Korea is directly responsible for the widespread attack that has cost billions.'

The British government had also accused North Korea of ​​the attack in October. The White House is expected to officially repeat the accusation on Tuesday in a statement. North Korea has always denied all involvement in the cyber attack.

The US government has established with 'a very high degree of certainty' that a hacker group Lazarus Group, working for the North Korean government, has carried out the Wannacry attack. According to the employee, the accusation is intended to make the regime in North Korea responsible for its actions and to make future attacks more difficult. '

WannaCry managed to infect hundreds of thousands of computer systems in 150 countries in just a few days. The systems were locked and the makers demanded a few hundred euros in bitcoins. For example, several hospitals were affected in Great Britain. The hostess software could be stopped when a British researcher discovered a sort of button in the code.

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