Whistleblower Manning is waiting for freedom

Whistleblower Manning is waiting for freedom

World May 15, 2017 11:39

washington - For US ex-military and whistleblower Chelsea Manning, her imprisonment is on Wednesday then finally. Manning gives her freedom to former United States President Barack Obama, who shortened her punishment at the end of his term.

Manning continued to live as a man in 2010 when he leaked hundreds of thousands of messages and messages from US military and diplomatic institutions through Wikileaks. Shortly thereafter, the military was arrested in Iraq and convicted three years later by the martial council for 35 years, including espionage and theft.

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Obama called Manning's punishment, which was undergoing detention during a detention, disproportionate in comparison with the punishment that others received for secrecy. In addition, the United States immediately assumed full responsibility. The 29-year-old Manning is one of the 275 convicted people who received Obama or whose custody was illuminated.

Now Manning is released on Wednesday, she wants to complete her transition. 'She already got hormones in prison, but should her hair not grow,' said Manning's lawyer.

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