Weervrouw delivers fellow newsreader skull breakage

Weervrouw delivers fellow newsreader skull breakage

World September 2, 2018 11:00

charleston - It was always a nice picture for the TV viewer in West Virginia, when newsreader Erica Bivens and female resear Chelsea Ambriz came to bring the latest news, but behind the scenes of TV station WSAZ-TV it rumbled fiercely.

So much so that Erica Bivens ended up in the hospital with a skull fracture and Chelsea Ambriz had to justify it to justice.

According to the Charleston Gazette Mail, it came to a fight between colleagues in a local bar. Bivens- walking with her husband Donald- would have met her colleague in the nightlife, who made adventures to Bivens' husband. When the news readers addressed the weather lady, a pleasant evening degenerated into an ordinary matt party. Bivens tore a tympanic membrane and contracted a skull fracture.

The chances that the two will be so cozy together again in the future do not seem too big.

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