Weer carrand Nieuwegein

Weer carrand Nieuwegein

World September 13, 2017 06:48

nieuwegein - In Nieuwegein a car was burned on Wednesday night. Like the neighboring Utrecht, Nieuwegein is more often harassed by car bots.

According to bystanders, the car burned around half past twelve. When the fire brigade arrived at Gazelleweide, there was no more rescue. The flames shot out of the car, and bystanders heard some bangs. After the fire was quenched, the car was towed away.

Two people would have behaved suspiciously soon. When a resident walked down to take pole height, the car was already on fire. Whether there is indeed a firefighting, must further investigate.

Since this summer, several cars were already in Nieuwegein. Utrecht also has been building cars for many years, which have been asked for room questions by 2015.

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