Wednesday to the beach!

Wednesday to the beach!

World August 19, 2017 19:24

amsterdam - There is just a good day to come. So far, the number of beach days has been limited this summer holiday, but next Wednesday it will be 24 to 28 degrees.

With this, the prospects are finally summer again. This weekend temperatures are still low and Monday we will not reach the normal value of 23 degrees. From Tuesday this has to be done, says Weatherplaza.

How long summer weather can stay in the country is not yet certain. However, everything indicates that Wednesday's highest temperatures are reached at 24 degrees in the north to 28 degrees in the south.

The wednesday looks good in weather calculations. There is little wind and it stays dry throughout the day. Radiationly sunny it will not be, according to the meteorologists, because the warm air goes along with a lot of veil clouds.

'The clouds of clouds expand over the country during the day, so the sky will be milky, but probably the sun will go through to make a great day or day of swimming,' said meteorologist Michiel Severin.

The rise in temperature is caused by a high pressure area. The center of the high pressure area is already above our country on mondays, which will make it calm. However, in the southwest and the extreme south there is still a lot of rain and there are many clouds. Facing the north, the sun shines the longest. It will be 18 to 22 degrees.

The supply of warm air will not start until Tuesday. The high pressure area then lies above Germany, so the wind turns south towards us. Hot air then gets the chance to flow from France to the Netherlands. How fast that will go is still uncertain and therefore the final temperature. Currently, Weatherplaza expands from 22 degrees north to 25 or 26 degrees in the south of the country.

Wednesday we are completely in the warm air. Unfortunately, the high pressure area seems to lose all its strength and influence. For this reason, we see the high clouds increase in the course of the day, a sign that brings a rain front closer.

The big question is who will determine the weather forecast in the Netherlands on Thursday. If the high pressure area is still able to stand, we can count on dry weather with maxima that reach again near the 25 degrees. If the rain front is pushing, we can pack the umbrella on Thursday and lower the temperature. The weather models indicate that the likelihood of light is steadily rising from Thursday. Only in the southeast there is about 25% chance of 25 degrees ceilings. These are not convincing figures, but they fit into the image of this summer: often volatile and sometimes a brief summer revival.

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