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World November 15, 2017 08:03

sydney - Scientists have found new skeletons on the west coast of Australia of the Batavia shipwreckers.

The Dutch ship stranded in 1629 on a reef.

Around 40 people dropped immediately. The survivors swam to Beacon Island; a place later known as 'Murder Island'.

At that time, the transport vessel Batavia transported from Texel to the East Indies with about three hundred men and luxury goods from our colonies. The trip stranded at Australia.

The survivors who went to Beacon Island under the direction of Jeronimus Cornelisz went to hell. It was tortured, raped and murdered.

In just three months time, more than 120 people were killed on Beacon Island.

First of power, then just out of sadism.

A baby crying too loudly, a woman who does not want to go on avances, tests the sharpness of a knife: reasons enough for the authorities to put an end to innocent lives.

The slaughterers gave Beacon Island the nickname Murder Island and entered history as Australia's first and largest massacre. Eventually, the survivors of the island were rescued and the rebels were right.

Scientists have found treasures, coins and body remnants in recent decades. And even 400 years later, archaeologists have bones and even full skeletons excavated.

'A total of fifteen bodies have been found,' says Dr. Patterson, who explores the island together with his team. 'The reconstruction of the events and state of the bodies show that it was a terrible experience. '

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