Weather massacre cell Brazil

Weather massacre cell Brazil

World January 15, 2017 06:21

nísia floresta - In the biggest prison in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte were slain in an uprising Saturday at least ten detainees. That reported to the authorities. Brazilian media reported that three people have been decapitated in the uproar.

The riot began in the late Saturday afternoon (local time) in the prison of Alcaçuz. Men would, according to the Brazilian police cars have approached the prison and weapons thrown over the walls. Criminal factions found themselves facing each other and some cells were attacked by rival groups. The riots and major uproar ensured that the prisoners had a free hand within the prison walls.

Officers have surrounded the prison but probably wait until Sunday before they go in to put an end to the uprising. The detainees are in their cells and armed. ' It is a worrying situation. We feel helpless, nobody knows what's going to happen overnight, 'said the coordinator of the prisons in the area.

Since the beginning of this year were killed in riots in Brazilian prisons, more than a hundred people. Criminal groups vying for power in the drug world. Moreover, overcrowded prisons in Brazil. According to the authorities, there are about 650 000 prisoners, but 350 000 cells. Prison Alcaçuz has capacity for 620 inmates while sitting in 1150.

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