Weather escalator dead in China

Weather escalator dead in China

World October 9, 2015 14:21

chongqing - A Chinese toddler is killed in an accident on an escalator . The four -year-old boy was playing on the stairs when he fell below the railing and was crushed to death .

The drama happened Thursday at the metro station of Chongqing. The victim was unattended on tap. When staff realized he was caught , it was already too late.

Authorities are investigating the cause nog. Afgelopen July dropped a 30 year old woman in Jingzhou by a panel at the top of an escalator. She did not survive. The accident, which was captured by security cameras, caused great anxiety and fear in China. Especially when one month later also a janitor lost his leg by an escalator. In some other accidents in that period people were seriously injured.

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