Wave of sexual violence in German swimming pools

Wave of sexual violence in German swimming pools

World July 4, 2016 18:03

- An internal e-mail exchange with the German police show that sexual violence in recent times has increased by leaps and bounds in swimming pools in the country. The perpetrators, groups of immigrants are mostly minor. The mails are about a hitherto kept secret report, the German newspaper Bild reported Monday, which published the emails.

is described in the report that the violence varies. Thus victims surrounded and groped, but there are two cases in which the touches eventually led to rape. 'The perpetrators are immigrants, mostly youthful immigrants, if they can be identified. But even for unknown offenders monitoring reports pointing in that direction ', as there is to be read according to Bild in any one of the mails.

The perpetrators operate 'almost exclusively' in groups. This makes it difficult, according to the German police to recognize the men and prosecute. In order to proceed faster perpetrators, the police in the city now spread a protocol. There are agents note include dedicated personal details, to determine the actual whereabouts of the offender and identify the spoken language. Also need to police photographs of the face of the perpetrator (s).
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