Warning stickers at gas station

Warning stickers at gas station

World December 10, 2015 17:14

vancouver - The Canadian city of Vancouver will from next year, placing stickers on fuel that warn of climate change.

Stickers, an initiative of the non-profit organization Our Horizons, suggest motorists on the negative effects of fossil fuels on the environment and human health.

Photo : Our Horizons

The warnings are reminiscent of those on cigarette packs. " The use of this band fabric contributes to smog that causes asthma and other respiratory problems in children, " is one of the texts. In addition, there is a picture of a child. The other texts refer to climate change, causing species extinction, and ocean acidification, which is disastrous for marine life.

Photo : Our Horizons

" Approximately fifty percent of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicles in the city, " said the mayor of North Vancouver earlier this year after the law was passed. " By reminding people that there is a link between the use of fossil fuels and climate change, and to give tips on alternative transport and economical fuel consumption, we can reduce the impact on the environment. "

According Our Horizons founder Robert Shirkey is important for people to change their behavior. " [ The labels ] make the reader an active participant rather than a passive bystander, " he told the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail. " It is crucial to bring about change. " According to him, it is not supposed to talk to motorists guilt. He wants motorists will think more consciously about their use of fossil fuel.

More Canadian cities are considering to require warning labels.

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