Volvo's talk to each other

Volvo's talk to each other

Tech October 5, 2016 15:45

gothenburg - Volvo's talk to each other at the end of this year. A function where the car information through the cloud with each share is before the end of the year available on models from the 90 series, the top models of the Swedish automaker. That Peter Mertens, Volvo responsible for research, informed by Automotive News.

The vehicles can send information about poor roads and other threats to the cloud. Volvo's approaching that point can then issue a warning. The warning of slippery roads is based on information on the grip of the car's steering, braking and acceleration sensors. The warnings for other hazards is activated when a driver warning lights are on.

Volvo, the system developed in cooperation with Ericsson's Mercedes-Benz and Toyota chase. Mercedes-Benz offers a similar system in the E-Class since earlier this year. Toyota on the Japanese model Crown last year introduced a feature that allows the cars to communicate directly with each other and with other objects.

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