[VIDEO] Woman climbs on hood with car theft

[VIDEO] Woman climbs on hood with car theft

World May 25, 2017 18:51

milwaukee - What would you do if you witnessed theft of your own car? The American Melissa Smith decided to climb like a kind of female Rambo on the hood in the hope of stopping the thief. The decision was perhaps not the safest, but eventually Smith knew that her car was stolen.

The American was thinking when a man jumped out of a car and confiscated her car. 'I suddenly saw someone in my car and I thought: this is not happening today. He looked at me and laughed. That hurt me enormously. '

Smith still doubted whether she had to save her bag- who was in the car- either to save the car. 'But suddenly my car's price tag shot my head and before I knew it, I sat on the hood. '

In video footage, made by security cameras at the gas station, you can see how Smith tries to hold onto the windscreen wipers. The thief accelerates twice and then gets into the brakes in an attempt to get Smith off the car. If that fails, the thief smiths Smith's bag, her iPhone and wallet and fled the car. 'As he tried to get me off the hood, he was laughing at me. He really did not feel guilt at all. '

Smith acknowledges that the jump of the car was not very safe. She also said she had learned an important lesson: 'I will never leave my car without locking it up. '

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