Victims of rape (10)

Victims of rape (10)

World August 17, 2017 15:18

mumbai - A ten-year-old girl was given birth to a child raised in India by an uncle who raped her in India on Thursday.

The victims of the victim had asked the Supreme Court of India earlier in vain for permission for an abortion.

The girl herself did not know she was pregnant. The pregnancy was only discovered after 30 weeks when the girl was examined for a stomach ache in a hospital in the city of Chandigarh in the northwestern part of the country. The girl's father and mother told her that she would be operated to remove a stone from her stomach.

According to the doctors, the girl passed through the birth with a caesarean section. She will recover well and probably will start home next week.

The parents refuse to accept the child's custody. In many places in India, with anger and horror, responded to the decision of the court and on sexual violence against children. In India, abortion is no longer allowed after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The court found the abortion at this late stage too dangerous for the girl.

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