Vermont wants to put tourists to work

Vermont wants to put tourists to work

World April 20, 2018 21:21

montpelier - The northeastern American state Vermont is pleased with the approximately 13 million tourists a year who come to enjoy nature, among other things. But the authorities also want to show them this summer that they have to work and that more people are needed.

That is why the government has set up a program with, among others, the tourist office to attract tourists and day-trippers from hotels, holiday parks or tourist attractions, The Washington Post reported.

For example, they are offered guided tours in companies or companies. Or a trip to a school to see how good they are and how little the number of children per class. Furthermore, this summer brokers are ready to take tourists on a trip along the beautiful and cheap houses in the state where real estate is much cheaper than in New York or Boston.

The number of inhabitants of the small state is approximately 623,000 and the population is aging. According to a study, if this continues, the working population in Vermont will be 10 percent smaller in 2040.

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