US: Syria is working on new chemical attack

US: Syria is working on new chemical attack

World June 27, 2017 06:18

washington - The United States government said Monday that the Syrian regime is preparing a new attack with chemical weapons. The White House has warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that he and his army will pay 'a heavy price' if they 'carry out such mass murder with chemical weapons.'

According to the White House statement, preparations made by Syria are similar to those preceding the April 4 attack. Then a poison attack attacked seventy civilians in the rebellious city of Khan Sheikhoun. In response, President Trump attacks an attack on the Shayrat Syrian Air Force Base. The statement added that the US is in Syria to turn off IS.

The United States ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, contributed to the White House warning on Monday through Twitter. 'The blame of any further attack on the people of Syria will be deposited with Assad, but also with Russia and Iran that help him to kill his own people. '

Since the April attack, the Americans have repeatedly fought Iran-supported militias and even dropped a drone. This month, an American jet fighter shot a Syrian combat device. Russia then warned that devices of the US-led coalition west of the Euphrates were considered hostile.

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