US storm death toll goes up

US storm death toll goes up

World December 27, 2015 08:56

jackson - The death toll from tornadoes, heavy rains and flooding in the southern United States continues on. According to US media are certainly 26 people have been killed by the storm.

The victims were in the southeastern states states of Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. The latest victims died Saturday in the north of the central Texas. That sowed Saturday tornadoes death and destruction. At various places cars were hit by the natural disaster. Eight passengers were killed, according to local media. On the photos you can see that the cars are sometimes little more about. In Texas are also countless homes are damaged or completely destroyed.

The storm keeps all days. Wednesday raged even though more than twenty tornadoes through the Southeastern US There was a lot of rain in recent days, leaving fields flooded and mudslides arose. According to meteorologists keeps the bad weather with thunderstorms and lots of rain on Sunday, and remains the risk of flooding therefore exist.

Texas gets, like 'neighbor' Oklahoma, more extreme weather to choose. The national weather agency says residents should brace themselves for a historic snow storm . In some parts can drop a lot of snow to about forty centimeters. The temperature goes below freezing thick. There is also a risk of ice. There are major problems expected with the return of American tourists who went there at Christmas break.

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