US Senate issues mood care law

US Senate issues mood care law

World June 27, 2017 20:33

washington - The Republicans in the US Senate have decided to postpone a planned vote on a new care act. The decision to postpone until the July 4 recession comes after the announcement of certain five Republicans that they will vote against the law.

The Republican leader in Senate Mitch McConnell and other Republicans are hardly busy enough to get support for the law, which has to replace the care law of former President Barack Obama and largely dismantle. The party can only afford two opposing votes to get the law through the Senate.

The announcement comes a day after the impartial budget office of Congress announced that the proposed law of 22 million Americans lost their health insurance over the next ten years.

President Donald Trump has now invited all 52 Republican senators in the White House to discuss how to proceed. The abolition of the existing Obamacare care law of its predecessor Barack Obama was one of Trump's key election promises. The new bill has certainly been the third attempt since its obamacare appointment.

The draft proposal provides for a tax reduction for the rich. Also, Americans would no longer be obliged to complete health insurance. Previously, the House of Representatives already approved a proposal to change the so-called Obamacare, but that plan was a chance in the Senate.

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