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World May 21, 2016 10:09

- by Austria, Mozart's lovely mountains and Empress Sisi, tomorrow can get an ultra-right president. Norbert Hofer wants to close the borders, refugees, soldiers deter and limit interference from Brussels. The FPÖ candidate openly infatuated with Nazi symbols and aims to become a true tribune.

On the sunny Viktor-Adler-Markt in Vienna, thousands of supporters gathered yesterday. Many men with hunting hats and sun bench brown women, heavily adorned with jewels. 'Your heimat needs you', can be seen on posters Hofer. The former aircraft technician looks like ideal son.

Hofer's Freedom Party was founded after the war by former Nazis. Great party was among the late Jörg Haider, son of SS. Haider was a popular but corrupt county director in Klagenfurt, until he flew drunk with his car off the road in 2008 and was killed.
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The new strongman of the FPÖ's Karl-Heinz Strache says biographer Nina Horaczek. The journalist of the magazine Falter discovered that Strache in his youth participated in paramilitary exercises banned far-right Viking Youth in just unified Germany. The party leader was arrested with a gun.

sure Hofer at his inauguration in parliament, the National Council in Vienna, wore a blue cornflower on a television debate by broadcaster ORF be the only opposition candidate, Alexander van der Bellen. 'That was the symbol of the Nazis in the thirties,' says the green politician.

But Van der Bellen is in the polls far behind his rival FPÖ. Hofer threatened, should he become president, 'I will at the EU summits accompany the government in Brussels. To check whether they do their job well. '

Hofer, who runs after an accident with a cane and always has a Glock pistol in his pocket, had already hinted that he would prefer Austria was not in the EU.,, And if the Cabinet of Chancellor Christian Kern is not doing its job, and the unemployment rate of half a million people will not fall if there are too many applicants, I care for new elections. '

Former insurance investigator Thomas Bender (71) is in the palaces of the Volksgarten and fears Hofer. 'He is an honorary member of the corporal association Marko-Germania. Austria is not accept as an independent country, and want to get back a Greater Germany and the Hitler era. '

Hofer, who has already received congratulations from PVV leader Geert Wilders, also announced in the Italian South Tyrol too will share in Austrian passports. There, on the border at the Brenner Pass, is an evil railroad employee. 'They need to stop the Moroccan refugees. It would be good to close the borders. '

But the attendant Jacob Farhadi (47) but nothing like that. 'Then my daughter who lives in Tyrol, no more visits. A fence does not solve anything, 'said the Iranian man who fled the ayatollahs 35 years ago.

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