Uber stop self-propelled cars SF

Uber stop self-propelled cars SF

Tech December 22, 2016 09:06

san francisco - Taxi app Uber gets its self-propelled cars in San Francisco on the road. The company has been forced to do so after the California DMV, the US version of the Department of Road Transport, had drawn the license plates of the vehicles.

Uber and the DMV had been a while squabbling about the self-propelled cars. The public felt the cars were test vehicles where a license with a price tag of $ 150 was needed. Uber, however, that it was not because drivers in wagons were present to intervene. This would allow the self-propelled cars are similar to Tesla's example, using the autopilot function.

The vehicles Uber arrived in recent weeks in the news for a number of incidents. They were shot as they drove through a red light and they were found to have problems with bicycle lanes on the road. Uber test his self-propelled vehicles also in Pittsburgh in the state of Pennsylvania. There are different rules which do not require a special permit.

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