'Uber sends propelled taxis on the streets'

'Uber sends propelled taxis on the streets'

Tech September 20, 2016 01:21

- "Taxi service Uber has begun the deployment of self-propelled taxis in the US city of Pittsburgh. Many users of the service may or may first test the technique."

"Ordering a self-propelled Uber is just like a 'normal' Uber taxi through the app. The car is so self drive up, although there is still a driver behind the wheel who can intervene if something goes wrong."

"According to Uber Pittsburgh is the perfect city to start, because it has a lot of bridges, tunnels and complex intersections, and may learn self-learning system hereof. This knowledge can then be applied in other cities.\n  \n    \n     \n      \n        2:59\n      \n     Wilders has to vloggers\n     \n     \n      \n        0:43\n      \n     Threats of armed vlog rig\n     \n     \n      \n        1:12\n      \n     Images fatal brawl Wallen"

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