Two members from AfD after bring Hitler salute

Two members from AfD after bring Hitler salute

World April 25, 2018 16:30

munich - Two Bavarian members of the AfD have stepped out of the right-wing populist party because they were discredited by a photo on which they bring the Hitler salute. Markus Schirling and Frank Salloch announced that they are leaving the party of their own free will.

On the internet a photo was placed on which Schirling and Salloch brought the Hitler salute on the mountain Zugspitze. It lies in southern Bavaria and is the highest mountain in Germany with a height of more than 2,900 meters. The photo dates from 2014.

A month and a half ago, André Poggenburg retired as an AfD group leader in Saxony-Anhalt. In a speech Poggenburg in Germany living Turks had called 'camel drivers'. He also mentioned people with dual nationality as 'non-patriotic rabble'.

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