Two arms in luggage Chinese man

Two arms in luggage Chinese man

World August 8, 2017 18:03

- Safeguards in Guizhou, China last week found a big riddle when they found two amputated arms in a Chinese man's luggage. However, he had to continue his journey after the 50-year-old traveler explained why he was wearing the body parts.

According to DailyMail, employees at the security of a bus station saw that the man had two arms in his bag. She quivered and called the police. The arms that were already dissolving were packed in plastic bags.

The 50-year-old man, named Zheng, explained that his brother's arms were. After he had been electrocuted by an accident, doctors had amputated the arms. This he could prove with a letter from the hospital.

According to his belief, a body must be buried in its entirety. That's why the brother had taken the poor home so that they could be buried together with the rest of his body in the future.

See the photos of the man and the X-ray device here.

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