Twitter share advertising revenue with users

Twitter share advertising revenue with users

Tech August 31, 2016 09:09

- Twitter will share advertising revenue with users who upload videos, as the company has announced Tuesday.

Social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat compete fiercely for the popular users who upload videos. The popular videos feature advertising and spend a lot of money into the coffers of the companies.

Twitter already pays a fee to media and production companies, such as CBS Corp, to promote videos with advertising. Regular users such options also let Twitter know.
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YouTube was one of the first companies that allowed users benefit from advertising revenue on many watched videos. Also, Facebook is working with Facebook Live serious headway to entice make more movies and share users. The advertising revenue on his video for the business more lucrative than individual ads.


Revenues apps Instagram and Snap Darling have become highly dependent on celebrities with millions of followers who post a video with regularity.

Twitter plans to share 70 percent of advertising revenue from videos with users. YouTube, which is owned by Google, share 55 percent of revenue with its members.

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