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World November 7, 2017 21:12

amsterdam - Twitter users get more space for their deepest soul relics. The maximum length of a tweet will last to 280 characters, for all. Twitter announced that on Tuesday.

Twitter had tried the double length in the past few weeks with a small group of people. Based on this, it has been decided that the available length is now doubled for everyone. According to Twitter, the subjects are only going to put long text in the beginning, out of curiosity. Most tweets are still up to 140 characters. Five percent of messages are longer than 140 characters. And only one in fifty tweets is longer than 190 characters.

Twitter has traditionally been known for its 140-character messages. But according to the people behind the service, users can not always lose their message. They delete important words or decisions even to put their message at all.

The doubling is for tweets in all languages ​​except Japanese, Korean and Chinese. In those languages, one Twitter sign is the same as a syllable or even a whole word. These people can therefore lose their eggs much better in 140 characters, often even leaving space.

The expansion must encourage users to put more on the platform and respond more to others. That can attract advertisers. Twitter is still growing, but investors are not fast enough. The medium has to do with fierce competition from newcomers like Snapchat and Instagram.

Twitter has been in air since March 21, 2006. The maximum of 140 characters is because the platform is based on SMS. Those messages can be up to 160 characters long. Twitter used 140 characters for the message and reserved the remaining twenty characters for the username.

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