Turkey summit yields little on

Turkey summit yields little on

World September 3, 2016 12:39

- An attempt to normalize relations between the European Union and Turkey has not yielded much. The according to some diplomats,, poisoned 'relationship remains problematic, proved Saturday after consultations in Bratislava.

European foreign ministers spoke in the Slovak capital with the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Ömer Çelik. Both sides have expressed their intention to work constructively,, '' normal relations. Çelik was a very strong consensus,, '',, a positive agenda to prioritize.

European countries have sharply criticized the Turkish dealing with human rights and the rule of law after the failed coup attempt six weeks ago. The Turks are just disappointed in the lack of support from Europe.
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The regime of the Turkish President Erdogan in an unprecedented purge operation tens of thousands of supporters of the alleged mastermind of the coup, the cleric Fethullah Gulen, arrested and critics silenced. The Turkish minister defended the approach,, Gülen terrorists'. Denounced statements by European politicians Erdogan called a dictator as,, very inappropriate ''.,, Turkey does not seek revenge, but justice. ''

EU ministers want to thoroughly assess the undermining of the legal norms in Turkey by the Council of Europe. The Turkish minister said important to find the law, but stressed that the fight against terrorism is now a priority. Adaptation of terrorism legislation, a prerequisite for visa-free travel to the EU is only,, the future '' option, Celik decided.

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