Turbo swimmer goes wet

Turbo swimmer goes wet

World July 12, 2017 05:06

amsterdam - Swimming pool KNZB is concerned about the rise of the so-called turbo swimming lessons, where children have to get the swim at a fast pace, sometimes even within a few weeks.

Parents often choose to swim their cruises in high-speed travel. No good development, find swim specialists who fear that children get into trouble: 'You can learn the basics, but coordination between the arms and legs requires time. In addition, a child learns to really swim a good time by repetition, 'warns Ellen Julius of the swimming pool.

There are no national arrangements for teaching methods, just as little as the ones about the skills at swim and where a skilled swimmer must meet. 'Everyone can spend a swim diploma,' says Marjolin van Tiggelen of the National Platform of Swimming Pools | National Board of Swim Diplomas. 'You can, in the morning, let a child in the ditch, swim three times, design a paper and say, here, your diploma. '

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