Tsunami jihadists

Tsunami jihadists

World October 18, 2016 06:48

amsterdam - Threatens a flood to come to terrorists into Europe at the end of Islamic State as a country. This scenario begins to date now an international coalition has used the attack on Mosul.

The aim of the offensive is the reconquest of the Iraqi city of IS. If Mosul is, is not equal to the disintegration of the Caliphate, yet make intelligence, counter-terrorism and terrorism experts has been very concerned about the many thousands of IS fighters swarming over.

'Even without land remains IS as a terrorist movement risk,' says the renowned Italian jihad expert Loretta Napoleoni. 'You can not destroy the Caliphate as a concept. Just as we have defeated al-Qaeda. In a few years, start a few jihadists simply again. '

Nicholas Rasmussen, head of the national counter-terrorism center in the United States, recently warned not to expect much the Senate of a military victory. He claimed that IS too little has lost its power to be no more major terrorist threat. The FBI boss James Comey, therefore provides an ink black scenario. He fears a long terrorist diaspora. Especially to Europe.

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