Trump: World War III breaks out as Clinton wins

Trump: World War III breaks out as Clinton wins

World October 26, 2016 10:00

- According to Donald Trump breaks a Third World War as his rival Hillary Clinton wins the election. The way Clinton wants to tackle the Syrian conflict is dangerous according to Trump.

He said Tuesday in an interview with Reuters.

'As far as Clinton comes to an armed confrontation with Syria and Iran. This will lead to a clash with Russia, and that is a nuclear power. Which do not talk, as other countries do, but use weapons. We will end up with a Third World War if we listen to Hillary Clinton. What we need to do is just focus on the Islamic State, 'thinks Trump.

Clinton suggested previously for in order to establish a no-fly zone over Syria and ground-based security zones. These measures should provide protection for civilians, but analysts say it can lead to a direct conflict with Russian warplanes operating over Syria.

reaction Clinton

The Clinton team has already responded to the statements made by Trump. 'Again Trump speaks the words of Putin after he plays on the fears of Americans. That while he refuses to submit its own plan on the table to defeat IS or to contain the humanitarian crisis in Syria. '

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