Trump was poorly prepared '

Trump was poorly prepared '

World September 27, 2016 06:15

- Donald Trump has been poorly prepared for the debate with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says director Roderick Greeks of Dutch Debate Institute, a brief analysis of the encounter between two candidates Monday night.

' At some point Trump said during the debate, proud that he had been in recent days across the country full campaign, when Clinton had been at home. In hindsight, he had better be able to spend more time preparing for the debate. On several occasions he had to defend himself minutes without convincing '' said Van Greeks.

His refusal to disclose his tax returns, his long-standing claim that Barack Obama was not born in America, whether he does or not at that time supported the war in Iraq and his insulting remarks toward women in general and Clinton in particular. The Van Greeks were all subjects that his position is not strong but where could he expect that he would be questioned about. ' His answers were long and not clear. ''

He managed not only to press Clinton on the defensive. She had been prepared in detail. ' Occasionally even her comments came to programmed on and it appeared that she was reading her answers. '' Clinton had the upper hand even though Trump never really fell through the basket. And that can be seen as a win for the Republican candidate, says Van Greeks.

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