Trump wants to years of Climate Change on

Trump wants to years of Climate Change on

World November 13, 2016 15:24

- Donald Trump wants the US after taking office as US president withdraw within a year from the climate agreement in Paris. That has a source around Trump reported Reuters.

Trump says under the notice period of four years to be able step by saying in a 1992 treaty. That treaty is the basis for the agreement, which was concluded in 2015. Trump also possible with a presidential order ending the US involvement, says the source.

During his campaign, the upcoming president has said he climate agreement in which almost 200 countries have agreed on the reduction of greenhouse gases, rather lose than be rich. According to the Republican, climate change is a lie. He also says that the United States, responsible for 18 percent of global emissions, too much disadvantage.

The UN Environment Agency had recently just know it did not go far enough targets in the climate agreement. According to the agency CO2 emissions must be reduced by a further one-quarter extra.

The states whose signature adorns under the Convention commit themselves to limit global warming to 2 degrees; a maximum of 1.5 degrees is the aim. The instruments for this purpose to all of reducing emissions of various greenhouse gases. Between 2050 and 2070 require the burning of coal, oil and ash have so far limited that global warming actually does not exceed 2 degrees.

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